West Virginia Henry Golden Boy Rifle

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The West Virginia Edition rifle is Individually Numbered on the Left-side Forearm

  • Only 100 numbered rifles will be engraved!

  • 24 Karat Gold-Plated on the receiver cover and buttplate with a satin finish

  • Engraved on a fully-functional Henry Golden Boy chambered in .22LR

  • Can be personalized

  • Layaway Available

  • Made and Engraved in the USA!

Right-side of the West Virginia Henry Golden Boy Edition

West Virginia – The place you call home.

Known as the Mountain State, the motto on the state seal declares, Montani Semper Liberi, which means, “Mountaineers are always free.” This is the place where your Family chose to settle. In 1671, the first Europeans came to survey the area. The young George Washington surveyed the lands between the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers, known as the North Neck, between 1748 and 1751. Many settlers crossed the mountains after 1750 despite Native American resistance. During the French and Indian War, Indian allies of France nearly destroyed the scattered British settlements. During the Revolutionary War, the movement to create a state beyond the Alleghenies was revived and a petition was presented to Congress.

During the Civil War, the Saltpeter Caves were used throughout Appalachia for munitions. The border between West Virginia and Virginia includes the Saltpeter Trail, a string of limestone caves containing rich deposits of calcium nitrate that were rendered and sold to the government. Nearly half of these caves are on the West Virginia side.

West Virginia was the only state in the Union to separate from a Confederate State during the Civil War and was the site of the first major land battle, the Battle of Philippi on June 3, 1861. On December 31, 1862, an enabling act was approved by President Lincoln admitting West Virginia to the Union, with the condition that slavery be gradually abolished. Later, on June 20, 1863 was admitted to the Union as the 35th state and Arthur I. Boreman was sworn in as the first Governor.

The first steamboat was launched by James Rumsey in the Potomac River on Dec. 3, 1787. During the second half of the 19th Century, bituminous coal became more important, fueling the Industrial Revolution in America and the steamships of many of the world’s navies. The early settlers, like you and your Family, knew that coal could be used for heating and fuel. After the War, the new railroads made it practical to transport large quantities to the expanding U.S. and export markets.

Heroes and Patriots LLC is proud to celebrate your history with you and your Family! Engraved on a Henry Golden Boy .22LR rifle with 24KT. Gold plating on the receiver cover and butt plate, this will become a treasured heirloom for your Family, worthy of passing down for many generations. Makes a great present for Christmas, Holidays, Birthdays, Retirements, Rewards for Executives and Employees, Incentives and Bonuses!

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