Trump 2020 Deluxe Sporter Rifle

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  • Only 20 numbered rifles will be engraved for each state! 

  • State and edition number engraved on Top of Receiver

  • Engraved on a fully-functional Ruger 10/22 DSP featuring:

    • American Walnut stock

    • 10 round rotary magazine

    • Checkered grips and forearm

    • Factory installed Sling Swivels

    • Rubber buttpad

  • Included with Purchase:

    • Handmade French-Fitted Carrying Case

    • Engraved Hunting Knife

  • Made and Engraved in the USA! 

The Trump 2020 Ruger DSP Rifle

Our President, Donald Trump, has made many achievements for America! He is still doing more, regardless of all the obstruction from the Democratic Party and the Media. He is always putting America First! His plan to Secure our southern border with a Wall and appropriate immigration law reform will be good for our Nation. By making it easier for the good people who want to come here to join with us, through the proper and legal means, we will all benefit. By screening people for diseases, criminal records, talents and skills, we will help reduce the problems that have seen a resurgence, like measles, robberies, rapes and murders while making sure to bring in those with the skills to make a living for themselves and their families, becoming contributing members of our American society.

President Trump also believes in the strength of our Constitution. Though it is old in the eyes of a few, it is still relatively new, only 200 years old, compared to some monarchies and dictatorships. It was written to protect the American people. It tells how things should be done in the government; who is responsible for what, who answers to who and much more. Well worth the time it takes to read it; if you haven’t, perhaps you should!

Our President will remain Constitutionally Strong! He will defend the Constitution against all foes, Foreign and Domestic. He has sworn an oath to do so and he will not fail. Many others think they can thwart the Constitution, that is, find a way around the true meanings written therein, in order to accomplish their own agenda of creating a small elitist class of rulers that control everyone and everything in their mediocre everyday lives. A class that becomes millionaires and billionaires by creating Taxes, Fees and Premiums for the entire population to pay to the government, while they get kickbacks and profits, making everyone else equally poor. That’s what happened to Russia, China, Romania, Venezuela, and so many other countries. There are too many to list!

Heroes and Patriots is proud to present this Tribute to President Donald Trump. Built on a Ruger 10/22 Deluxe Sporter model with Walnut Stock and Rubber Butt Pad, Checkered Grips and Forearm, Factory Installed Sling Swivels and engraved with pictures of our President, it will become a treasured Collectible, worthy of passing down to your future generations! Makes a great Gift for Birthdays, Retirements, Executive and Employee bonuses, Father’s Day, Holidays, Fundraising Events and so much more!

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