Second Amendment Foundation Trump Rifle

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  • Only 45 numbered rifles will be engraved for your state!

  • Engraved on a fully-functional Ruger 10/22

  • Purchase also includes FREE:

  • Layaway Available

  • Made and Engraved in the USA!

SAF Trump Rifle shown in French-FItted Carrying Case.

Edition # of 45 engraved on the left-side of the stock above the trigger.

Your State engraved on the right-side of the stock above the trigger.

Left-side Buttstock Medallion featuring the Official SAF Logo

Right-side Buttstock Medallion

The Second Amendment Foundation Trump Rifle


Help the Second Amendment Foundation(SAF) raise the money needed to continue taking on the Anti-gunners and to help stop local city, county, state and Federal legislation that denies your gun rights! The SAF has been involved in many of the key court cases that have helped preserve our gun rights when they were being infringed. At the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference hosted by SAF and the Citizens Committee For the Right To Keep and Bear Arms, national gun rights leaders, grassroots activists, SAF members, and gun owners alike meet to discuss the state of the continued defense of our freedoms and gun rights with numerous speakers, leaders, and guests that have fought the court cases first-hand.

Every SAF Trump Rifle starts with a Ruger 10/22 which we engrave with our 45th President Donald Trump on one side of the rifle and the Second Amendment Foundation with their Logo on the other. This Special Limited Edition will have only 45 numbered rifles for each state and includes a Handmade French-fitted carrying case as well as a Lifetime Membership in the Second Amendment Foundation FREE with purchase! Already a member? Then you may gift it to someone else! 

When you purchase this Special Limited-Edition Set, you are supporting the SAF and their good work. A portion of each sale of the SAF Trump rifle helps support the Second Amendment Foundation. See their accomplishments on their website:


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