Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid:

The Best of Friends, The Worst of Enemies

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Each rifle will be numbered with Your Number of 50 engraved on the left-side forearm

  • Only 50 numbered rifles will be engraved!

  • Engraved on a fully-functional Henry Big Boy chambered in .45LC

  • 24 Karat Gold-Plated on the barrel-band, receiver cover, and buttplate with a Satin Finish

  • Included with purchase:

    • Handmade French-Fitted Carrying Case

  • Layaway Available

  • Made and Engraved in the USA!

Right-side view of the Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid Rifle


Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

Pat Garret was raised on a plantation in Louisiana, though he was born in Alabama in 1850. When his parents died, the debts against his family’s plantation and the Civil War changed his lifestyle forever. Garrett went West to start a new life.

He worked as a Buffalo Hunter in Texas and retired after he shot and killed a fellow hunter. He went to New Mexico to try ranching. Later he became a bartender in Fort Sumner and eventually became Sheriff of Lincoln County. This is where he met Billy the Kid for the first time and the last time as well.

Billy the Kid, born William Bonney, was actually born in New York City and was 9 years younger than Pat. His mother had moved them from Kansas to New Mexico after his father’s death. This is where Billy and his brother became outlaws. Billy traveled all over the West, stealing and pillaging with various gangs. He and Garrett met, becoming friends while playing cards. They were friends inside the saloon. Outside, Billy just stayed out of Pat Garrett’s personal business.

In 1880, Garrett was elected Sheriff and his highest priority became the capture of the same man he had befriended, Billy the Kid. Pat did capture Billy in 1881 outside Stinking Spring, NM, but Billy escaped. Garrett hunted Billy down in July. He and Peter Maxwell, who betrayed Billy to the Sheriff, surprised Billy when he returned to his bedroom. Two men went in, sensing someone was in the room. One shouted, “Who is it?” while reaching for his gun. The first man beat him to it, drawing his revolver and shooting twice. Billy was dead. They became the Best of Friends and later, the Worst of Enemies. Pat said later he never should have done it.

Heroes and Patriots is proud to present this Special Limited-Edition tribute to Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Engraved on a Henry Big Boy .45LC with 24 Kt Gold-plating on the Barrell Band, Receiver cover and Butt Plate, this is sure to win the hearts of your favorite person who loves Old West history!

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