Pass The Torch Rifle

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Left-side of the Pass the Torch Rifle

  • Only 10 numbered rifles will be engraved per state!

  • 24 Karat Gold-Plated on the receiver cover and buttplate with a satin finish

  • Engraved on a fully-functional Henry Golden Boy chambered in .22LR

  • Layaway Available

  • Made and Engraved in the USA!

Your # of 10 for Your State will be engraved on Top of the Receiver for Your Pass the Torch Rifle.

Right-side of the Pass the Torch Rifle

The Pass the Torch Rifle

Reagan called America “The Shining City on the Hill.” We feel that President Trump as been Passed the Torch by the Republican Party and has a solid chance to be the Greatest Republican President since Reagan himself. Featuring our 45th President Donald Trump with slogans from his presidential campaign on the left-side of the rifle and 40th President Ronald Reagan with his memorable quotes on the right-side, it is easy to see why we feel Trump has great potential.

Our 24 Karat Gold-Plated Henry Golden Boy .22 with an octagon barrel and engraving for the Pass the Torch Edition is limited to only 10 numbered rifles per state.

Many states are Sold-Out or close to it!

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