Henry Display Box (Prototype)

Limited availability!

We have only FIVE of these display boxes are available for purchase! Ship directly to your home!


  • Made of Birch wood with green felt background

  • Pegged for Left-Facing Henry Golden Boy

  • Display Box with French Cleat Design Wall-mount Included

  • Hinged Lid with Glass Front

  • Brass fittings and fixtures, key for locking

  • Hand-made in Fort Collins, CO


Outer: 42" L x 12.5" T x 4" D
Inner: 40.5" L x 11" T x 2" D
Cleat: 20" L x 2.5" T
Screw Holes Drilled: 16" apart

Wall Mounting Directions:

What you will need:
4 wood screws
stud finder (optional)
pencil or marking utensil

  1. Find wall studs and mark. (Note: Cleat is drilled for 16")

  2. Remove cleat board from tape. (pre-drilled for easy mounting - screws not included) (See Figure 3)

  3. With 45 degree angle edge on top (Fig. 6), level and mark as needed. (Fig. 7)

  4. Attach cleat board to wall studs with screws.

  5. Lift display box so back board is above cleat board.

  6. Put box against wall and cover cleat board. (Fig. 8)

  7. Gently lower display box onto cleat board.

    Note: When mounted correctly, both boards will be flat against the wall with no gaps and angled edge will fit flush against the other. (Fig. 9)

  8. After box has been secured to the wall, hang your rifle in the case, close the lid, and lock with key. (Fig 1 and 2)

For information on the usefulness of French Cleat Shelves, please read the following article from Popular Mechanics: