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Unimpeachable Trump 2020 Rifle

Did you hear? Did you know? Our President is using the Tariffs to help pay down the National Debt. Has any other president done that? Has the Mainstream media told anyone about this? NO, Of course not…

Celebrate our 45th President with this commemorative, fully-functional Henry Big Boy rifle chambered in .45LC. Only 20 numbered rifles will be made for each state!

2nd Amendment Henry Rifle

The Second Amendment, which is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, has been under attack by a variety of people both foreign and domestic. These folks mean well, but simply do not understand what it means to be Free.

It takes courage to be FREE. That’s what it means to be American... [Read More]


Trump 2020 Rifle

Our President, Donald J. Trump, is taking many actions that will insure that these United States of America remain Free. He’s signed 130 bills into law and has made 136 Presidential Proclamations. The new Tax cuts are encouraging new investment and growth for business while adding cash to millions of families nationwide.

His appointments to the Supreme Court will help insure that our Constitution remains honored and protected. Don’t forget, he’s still Draining the Swamp! No easy task, and the list is still growing! We've selected just a few of his many accomplishments for this rifle. 

Only 45 numbered rifles will be engraved for your state!

President Trump 1911 Pistol

Similar to the 45th President Rifle, the Trump 1911 Pistol celebrates our president with his uniting slogans and battle to Drain the Swamp. The legendary Colt 1911 has been carried by countless American troops in combat and patriots across our great country. This fine semi-automatic pistol in .22LR is manufactured exclusively by Walther under license from Colt. A beautifully crafted wall mountable custom display box is included with each order. Live the Legend!