Frequently Asked Questions


Are these guns real?

Yes, all of the firearms we engrave on are fully-functional and must ship to a Licensed FFL holder/dealer/gun shop/pawn shop in your area.

How do I check availability? How can I find out which states are "sold-out" for an edition?

If you have a particular state or edition that you are looking for, please call us and we can get you the most up-to-date information and which numbers are left.

If I can't find a certain edition listed on your website, is it already sold-out?

Not necessarily. Please use the white Search Box above to find what you aren’t seeing. If you still aren't finding what you are looking for please call and our sales staff will help you. It's possible the edition is new, not released to the general public yet, and is not listed on the website. If you subscribe to our email list, then you will learn about new editions before the general public will and have links to special product pages.

Where do I find pricing? Do you have a price list?

We offer Pricing on Request due to varying sales and advertising. Please call or Contact Us for prices and other information. We do not have a price list available.

Is your gold “shiny”?

We do a “24 Karat Gold-Plated Satin Finish” on some of our firearms. To us, “shiny” means reflective like a mirror. We do not have the capability of doing a “high-gloss finish” which would be “shiny.” Doing so would lead to increased labor and material costs as well as longer wait times, so we do not foresee offering it in the future. We wish to keep your overall initial purchase prices down.

If you prefer something “shiny,” then we recommend the Standard Shiny Brass-Lite Finish on the Henry Golden Boy and Big Boy models. Please specify when calling for special pricing.

What does “24 Karat Gold-Plated Satin Finish” mean?

24 Karat Gold is genuine gold that has been layered onto and coats the metal of a firearm part. Gold is a Noble Metal in that it resists tarnishing, corrosion, and oxidation that can effect other metals over time. Often, the original finish (ex: bluing) has been removed and the base metal below is left bare before we add plating. After we remove the original finish, the base metal is left with a light textured surface. After we plate the metal with gold, then the firearm appears to have a matte satin finish. This way, if you were to look down the sites of the firearm outside, you would not be blinded by the gold. Satin Finish is not reflective like a mirror.

Can you ship a firearm directly to my home?

No. All modern-made firearms must ship from us to a licensed FFL Dealer and go through the normal background check process and whatever is required for registration in the shipped-to state. Exceptions may be made for black powder firearms when shipping to most states.

What do I have to do to pickup the gun and take it home?

If you have questions about registration, ownership, permits, or other local laws in your state, it is best that you contact a local authority or gun shop who can better answer those questions for you. In most states, you must produce a state-issued photo ID and fill out a standard background check form. A normal, law-abiding citizen or immigrant, without any felonies, restraining orders, domestic violence, or probation of any kind should be able to pass a standard background check.

I talked to a local gun shop, and they want to charge me a fee for picking up the gun and for the background check. Why is that?

Some states, like Colorado, have mandatory fees that we, as FFL holders, have to pay the state government when we submit a background check. As FFL holders, we have to keep a log of every firearm that comes in and goes out through our shops and keep meticulous paperwork to remain in government compliance. This is a service and is not done by every FFL holder for the general public. You are required to pay the fees before you can pickup your firearm. If the combined fee is more than $50 (CA excluded), please let us know and we may be able to help you find someone else. 

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, and company checks.

Do you have layaway?

Yes! We have old-fashioned layaway with no-interest, no late-fees, no pre-payment penalty, no credit check, and no additional fees. Firearms cannot ship until paid-in-full.

You can setup automatic payments for your convenience on any day of the month which you choose, or you may make one-time payments over the phone. (See above for payment methods)

Can I make a payment or order online?

Not at this time. Please call to order or make a payment.

I am setup for automatic monthly payments, may I skip a payment or change the amount?

Yes, please call our toll-free number at least 2-5 business days before the scheduled payment will be ran to make changes.

Do you charge sales tax?

Since we are based in Colorado, we are only required to charge sales tax on orders picked up or shipped within our state. A few states require sales tax be collected at time of pickup on any firearm shipment entering their state. Check with you local gun shop to see what your state requires. (Please note: If asked by your gun shop, please provide a copy of your itemized invoice at pickup or ask us to send you/them a copy; we do not send them with the firearm out of respect for your privacy.)

All purchases made within the United States may be subject to sales tax. This policy is subject to change.

Are all of your current editions "in-stock" and "ready to ship"?

No. We build-to-order depending on your rate of pay.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

With a qualifying FFL Copy on file/provided prior to ordering, yes. Call for information about Dealer Discounts.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Production typically takes about 8 to 12 weeks for all the engraving and plating processes depending on the edition that you order. Production starts immediately when paid-in-full at time of order or with select short-term layaway agreements. Early payoff layaway orders are put into production when paid off. Long-term layaways typically ship within a few weeks of the order being paid-in-full depending on monthly rate of pay.

Which countries do you ship to?

We only ship to the 50 states of the United States of America. State specific shipping restrictions may apply.

Can I pick up my gun at your office?

By appointment only. Conditions apply: State and County tax must be collected prior. Photo ID/NICS background check required. Long guns can be picked up here (CA residents excluded) and hand guns can be picked up here by Colorado residents only.

Can I order a gun from you for a local fundraiser such as a raffle or auction?

Yes! Call for more information about how we can help you make money utilizing one of our engraved firearms. Always inquire with your local government on which is the best way to raise money in your area.

Who do you donate to? Who are you fundraising for?

We donate to various organizations nationwide that are Freedom Friendly including the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation that strive to protect our Second Amendment Rights. We have donated to a variety of local organizations including the Larimer County GOP, Dance Express, and schools in the area.

How will my transaction with Heroes and Patriots show up on my credit card statement?

Heroes and Patriots Fundraisers, LLC. If you have an unknown charge from us, please call our Toll-Free number.

I asked for an email statement or invoice, but I didn't receive it.

Email statements, invoices, or additional receipt scans are sent by the bookkeeping department directly from QuickBooks within one week of request. Please check your junk mail for an email from:

How about my email receipt?

At the time of purchase, processing of a payment, or automatic payment settlement, an email copy of your receipt may be emailed to you upon immediate submission to our banking system if an email was provided and confirmed ahead of time. You will receive an email whether the transaction was approved (Subject: “Payment Confirmation” followed by your Invoice#) or denied (Subject: “Failed Payment Confirmation” followed by your Invoice#) by your bank or card company. These emails are sent automatically from a separate email: If you are on automatic payments and receive a “Failed” subject line, please call us on our toll-free number during normal business hours to update your payment information.

Can I Cancel an Order/Dispute a Charge?

If you have detailed questions or have an unknown charge or your bank statement, please call our Sales Department on the Toll-Free number as soon as possible. Typically, as long as a firearm has not been produced/shipped, we can cancel an order minus any credit card fees if applicable. If a firearm has been produced/shipped/personalized, then a 30% restocking fee may be applied for parts replacement.

Our Return/Exchange Policy:

If a product you receive appears to have been damaged in shipment, have a quality concern, or the firearm is not functioning properly, please call us before taking possession if possible. Typically, we will repair or replace at no cost to you. We may ask that you email pictures of any possible damage before we arrange for an item to ship back to us. Firearms or products sold “As Is” or at local gun shows may be exempt from normal quality standards.

How will Heroes and Patriots contact me?

As a courtesy, we primarily try and contact you by phone if we have a question or concern regarding your order or shipment. Our phone numbers begin with 970-***-**** area code. We will leave a message if you have voicemail or a message machine.

If you have provided an email address to us, we will send statements/invoices/receipts by request. We may use this as a secondary contact option if we can’t contact you by phone.

As a default, we send all statements, invoices, and flyers by mail. All mail is sent from our address here in Colorado (CO). If we are unable to contact you by phone or email, then we may send you a personalized letter asking for a new method of contact.

Your personal sales rep may also contact you regarding shipments, special deals, promotions, or new products.

We will not sell your data to unaffiliated third-parties.

Do you have a catalog?

This website is our online catalog; we offer Pricing on Request. You may wish to subscribe to our mailing or email lists for special offers and product previews before the general public. (See below)

How do I get on your mailing or email lists?

Signup on our Contact Us page or call us toll-free. New clients will be added to our mailing list within 3 months of placing an active order; they will also receive an email invite if an email address was provided (Activation required). You can opt-out of the emails anytime using the link within.

Heroes and Patriots,LLC reserves the right to change or alter the policies above at any given time if our policies are not followed or to accommodate changes to a multitude of restrictions or laws.