Each Durango, Colorado rifle is individually numbered on Top of Receiver.

Each Durango, Colorado rifle is individually numbered on Top of Receiver.

Durango, Colorado Rifle

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  • Only 50 individually numbered rifles will be made!

  • 24 Karat Gold-Plated on the barrel-band, receiver cover, and buttplate with a Satin Finish

  • Engraved on a fully-functional Henry Big Boy chambered in .45LC

  • Included with purchase:

    • Handmade French-Fitted Carrying Case

  • Layaway Available

  • Made and Engraved in the USA!

Right-side of the Durango, Colorado rifle

Durango, ColoradO – The Place you call Home

This is the place where you and your family came to settle. The pioneers came seeking Freedom and Prosperity. Founded in 1880 by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, Durango has always been a town people flocked to through the early 1900’s. The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad was originally built to haul silver and gold from the San Juan Mountains.  The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has operated for more than 125 years, winding peacefully through the mountains along the edge of the Animas River, originally named by the Spanish explorers, the River of Lost Souls. This is your Home, Durango, abundant in natural beauty and a wonderland of everything Colorado has to offer.

Two men who made a lasting impact on the history of Durango were Sheriff William Thompson and Marshal Jesse Stansel. On January 9th, 1906 these men of opposite political parties began arguing at the El Moro Saloon. They took their dispute to the street and exchanged punches and bullets.  Sheriff Thompson died of his wounds and Stansel’s trial ended in a non-guilty verdict.

Olga Schaaf Little took her line of 20 donkeys on treacherous trails to deliver supplies and save lives of miners. Before she turned 20, she already had the reputation of being an expert horsewoman. She became a legend in the La Plata mountains, hauling in lumber, cement, coal, rails for mine tracks, cook stoves, heating stoves, ammunition, tobacco, mail, medicine, and food and hauling out large amounts of ore valued up to $5,000. Her most famous conquest was in the winter of 1912 when she saved the lives of 17 miners trapped in a mine, surrounded by 10 feet of snow in temperatures of 30 below zero. Adored by the people of her time and admired by the generations after, who learned of her magnificent life, the mountain she traveled many times to deliver supplies and haul out wounded miners, was named ‘Olga Little Mountain’ in her honor.

The breathtaking sight of Mesa Verde and its hundreds of archaeological sites, the remarkable San Juan Mountains that tower around the city, and the expansive history of the true wild west, makes Durango an acclaimed filming ground for western movies earning Durango the title of ‘The Hollywood of the Rockies’. One glance around the glorious landscape provides a sense of inspiration, and almost 30 films have been directed on this soil since 1925 including most of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

Heroes and Patriots is proud to present this Special Limited-Edition Henry Big Boy .45LC rifle. With 24Kt. Gold plating in a satin finish on the Barrel Band, Receiver cover and Butt plate and Engraved all over, it will become a treasured Family heirloom worthy of passing down in the Family. Makes a great gift for Retirement, Bonuses for Employees and Executives, Birthdays, Holidays, Fundraisers and more!


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