City and County Collection

Heroes and Patriots is proud to present our City and County Collection celebrating the historical events throughout America's local communities. Gunslingers,soldiers,and giants of industry are all featured in this series of high-quality custom engraved firearms.



Artesia, NM Rifle

In 1903, when the artesian aquifer was discovered, the town was named after that water well and grew. Agriculture flourished until the aquifer became depleted in the 1920’s. Then a new type of well appeared. The first successful oil well, known as Illinois #3 was drilled in 1924 and since that time has increased the local economy. It is home to the largest refinery in New Mexico…

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Athens, AL 200th Anniversary Rifle

Founded in 1818, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the State of Alabama and is known as the Heart of Dixie due to its central location. In 1806, when settlers and pioneers first started moving into the area now known as Limestone County, they went even further west past the Congressional Reservation Line and into the lands claimed by the Chickasaw Tribes....

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Cañon City, CO 150th Anniversary Rifle

Cañon City had dark times. In spring of 1863 the town, unfortunately, fell victim to the Bloody Espinosas. Their murderous path was surrounded with an air of mystery. No one knew what had provoked them, and their crimes were as unpredictable as Colorado weather….

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Ellis County, KS 150th Anniversary Rifle

Ellis County was founded in 1867 and was named for George Ellis, first lieutenant of the Twelfth Kansas Infantry. In 1867, Ft. Hays was established and named after Brig. Gen. Alexander Hays. The Kansas Pacific Railroad had plans to come to the area and there were some who decided to establish a town site. The first were William F. Cody, who was buffalo hunting for the railroad and a partner named William Rose, who established the town site of Rome in June of 1867. By the end of July, it had 2000 residents. Cody and Rose made a fatal mistake when they refused to take Dr. William Webb as a partner. He had the authority to establish town sites for the railroad and he platted Hays City on the opposite side of Big Creek about 1 mile east of Rome. A year later, there was nothing left of Rome. Hays prospered after the railroad arrived.

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Kingman, AZ Rifle

Kootenai County, ID Rifle

Marion County, IA Rifle

Moore County, NC Rifle

Reeves County, TX Rifle

People say “Everything’s bigger in Texas” and your home is here in Reeves County, Texas. The rich history of Pecos and Reeves County, Texas is the history of you and your family.  Since 1873, when Pecos was a crossroads where the Butterfield Route, the Chisholm Trail and the Loving-Goodnight Trail, and others intersected, many people came seeking a new life filled with opportunity and freedom....

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Rolla, MO Rifle

Roswell, NM Rifle

During the 1930’s, Roswell was the site where Robert H. Goddard did his early rocketry work. It was also an important military location. In June or July, 1947, there was a report of a crash of a possible extraterrestrial spacecraft and the aliens inside. Since the late 1970’s, there has been a controversy and many conspiracy theories….

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Tombstone, AZ Rifle

Tombstone, AZ was known as the "town too tough to die" and was one of the most glamorized western mining towns in America. With 'round the clock gambling and entertainment, Tombstone epitomized the "wild west". The gunfight at the OK Corral between Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Virgil and Morgan Earp, and the Boot Hill Graveyard took this town to legendary status. 

Remember the town of Tombstone and the Wild West with one of these custom engraved Henry Golden Boy .22LR caliber rifles....

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Twin Falls, ID Rifle

In 1900, I.B. Perrine founded the Twin Falls Land and Water Company, to build an irrigation canal system for the area. As a result, Perrine is credited as the Founder of Twin Falls. A specially designed layout was used that allows the sun to come into every room in a home at some point during the day. Named for a nearby waterfall on the Snake River, Twin Falls became the county seat of Twin Falls County and developed into a major regional economic center....

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Utah County, UT Henry Rifle

This is the place where people like you and your Family came to settle seeking a new life filled with Prosperity and Freedom. Named for the Ute Indians or Yuta and means “people of the mountains”. Founded in 1850, it became a state on January 4, 1896.


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