Heroes and Patriots, LLC is one of America's premier specialists in custom, engraved, limited-edition firearms.

With a fervent dedication to the 2nd Amendment and America's heritage of patriotic gun-owners, we create lasting, functional pieces of art to commemorate some of our country's greatest heroes and leaders. Each firearm is plated and engraved by a trained specialist at our facility in Fort Collins, CO.

Founder Steve Faler created Heroes and Patriots to provide high quality products for gun enthusiasts and supporters of our gun rights. Steve has devoted himself to the firearms industry for nearly four decades and remains an avid hunter with a deep respect for our gun rights. Steve and his various business endeavors have donated over one million dollars to the NRA and continues to support them, building custom firearms for special events. He has also donated a sizable amount to the Second Amendment Foundation through custom engraved editions that support the SAF with every sale.

Over the last few years, Heroes and Patriots has worked with numerous hunting organizations, veterans organizations, community activists, political organizations, local businesses, and other Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce members to help raise money for various organizations and needs across the county.

Our goal truly is simple and straightforward: Provide the highest quality custom engraved firearms for gun enthusiasts to enjoy and pass down to their family members.

We hope that we can provide you with a quality product from our current selection. If you have any questions about any of our products or services, please fill out our Contact Us Form - we will personally work with you to ensure that you receive the best product for your needs. Thank you for supporting everyone's gun rights and rich American legacy!


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Heroes and Patriots is dedicated to providing the highest quality custom firearms to gun enthusiasts, lovers of American history, and defenders of the 2nd Amendment.
— Steve Faler, Founder of Heroes and Patriots LLC