Your State and # of 10 engraved on Top of Metal Receiver.

2nd Amendment Henry Golden Boy Rifle


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Left-side of 2nd Amendment Henry Golden Boy Rifle

  • Only 10 numbered rifles will be engraved per state!

  • 24 Karat Gold-Plated on the receiver cover and buttplate with a satin finish

  • Engraved on a fully-functional Henry Golden Boy chambered in .22LR

  • Layaway Available

  • Made and Engraved in the USA!

Right-side of 2nd Amendment Henry Golden Boy Rifle

The Second Amendment

The Constitution of the United States was written to guarantee the rights of all citizens and defines how our government works. The first 10 Amendments are called the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment is one of the most important. It is not just the right to bear arms, but the right of the citizens to recognize a tyrannical government and be able to do something about it. It came about when the Founding Fathers realized that the British wanted to strip away all the firearms, ammunition and powder from the Colonists. They wanted to make sure their dominance was complete and the Colonists would be left defenseless against their extreme measures. This lead to the first shots being fired at Lexington, starting the American War for Independence. The Founders wanted to ensure that the future generations of Americans would and could remain free.

The Second Amendment, which is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, has been under attack by a variety of people both foreign and domestic. These folks mean well, but simply do not understand what it means to be Free.

It takes courage to be FREE. That’s what it means to be American.

To stand on one’s own feet and be responsible for yourself and your Family isn’t an easy task. To be independent, yet loyal to our country, may seem ambiguous to others. We often have to tolerate ideas and customs that are foreign to us, yet we do just that. We vote for what we want, or don’t want, to become law. Most countries simply don’t get any choice at all. We can travel anywhere we like and don’t have to put up with the government controlling everything we eat or drink all day. We don’t need permission to use the bathroom or go shopping or defend ourselves from criminals in our own homes. Most Americans don’t want to hurt anyone, but ALL Americans want to keep their rights! That includes their gun rights as guaranteed by the Second Amendment in case “something” should ever happen. Many people say that the Second Amendment protects the rest.

This is a legacy to be prized for all time – Freedom and the Right to Bear Arms.

Heroes and Patriots LLC is proud to present the 2nd Amendment Special Limited-Edition Henry Golden Boy .22LR rifle. There will be only 10 numbered rifles made for your state. With 24 Kt. Gold plating on the receiver and butt plate in a satin finish and all the engravings, it will become a treasured Family Heirloom that can be passed down for many generations.

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